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We aim to provide reliable and dependable high-quality calibration service that adheres to health and safety standards mandated by the FDA.

Why Choose Us?

We offer safe, reliable, and accurate complete x-ray calibration that meets quality and regulatory standards to ensure that your x-ray equipment is performing at its peak and mitigate safety hazards on your machine and avoid downtime while ensuring accurate and efficient diagnosis for a better care!

Approved by the FDA


We adhere to regulatory bodies, certifications, registrations, and accreditations

Prompt turnaround time


Provides efficient and quality service without sacrificing accuracy

Precise and accurate calibration data


We ensure credibility and assurance of usable data.

High-quality measurement devices


Our equipment is designed to provide highly reliable analysis results for a broad range of products.

Trained in-house engineers


We have the expertise and capability to expertly and accurately test your equipment

Complete QA calibration process


We provide the critical analysis information that our customers need to help run their businesses seamlessly.

Want to see a live demo or receive a free trial?

Our Clients

We believe that selling high-quality reliable machinery is just as important as providing excellent service & support. We have designed our service to meet our client's needs and exceed their expectations.

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