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Extra Smart. Extra Refined

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EDAN F6 - Series

•   Large foldable color TFT-LCD screen

•   Display waveforms and numeric 


•   Great waveform storage and playback

•   Highly sensitive waterproof FHR 


•   DECG and IUP parameters optional 

•   Built-in long-life thermal printer

•   Built-in rechargeable battery for

continuous work

edan f9.png

EDAN F9 - Series

•   High resolution color TFT-LCD Screen

(Touchable Screen as optional)

•   Great sensitive waterproof FHR

Transducer 17

•   Built-in long-life thermal printer

•   Built-in rechargeable battery 

•   Flat surface design and waterproof

TOCO Transducer

•   Internal monitoring function as optional

EDAN X - Series

•  Expandable Monitoring Parameters

•  Stunning Ultras - Slim Design

•  Covers all patients types from Neonatal

to Adult Monitoring

•  Fulfills primary clinical requirements in 

various scenarios including ER, Wards,

Rehab, Cardiac Unit, and In - Hospital


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