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Ms. Mona Gragasin.jpg

Easy to deal with!

Very helpful and easy to deal with in regards to price, after-sales service, and especially in terms and conditions. very flexible in all aspects

Ms. Mona Gragasin


RRM Diagnostic Center

Ms. Rosanna Donghit.jpg

The after-sales service is really remarkable!

Responds quickly to the repairs and maintenance request of IWC's X-ray equipment. Care 4 Life is giving guaranteed quality service that every healthcare provider must experience.

Ms. Rosanna G. Donghit

Clinic Manager

IMS Wellth Care Inc.

Mr. Edmund Tabangcurda.jpg

Easy to communicate

I recommend this company, They make way as far as they can to meet their clients. Even on the road, they can afford to resolve concerns. Their products are all good and recommendable

Mr. Edmund Tabangcurda

Chief Radiologic Technologist

Clearbridge Medical Group

Dr. Sandy Lu.jpg

I'm amazed by your ultrasound!

The machine is doing very well and our patients also appreciate it. There are no glitches!

It is well-maintained and we're taking good care of it.

Dr. Sandy Lu


Kidney Health - Cotabato

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