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New Generation Ultrasound

Superior Imaging
Exceptional Intellegence
Ergonomic Design

providing accessible medical solutions through continuous innovation.


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Designed For High Expectations

VINNO G65 has been designed for high expectations to deliver superior image quality in an affordable premium series. In order to achieve this goal, we provide all users with the ideal model that inherits sophisticated image processing technologies and smart solution design from the VLucid platform, which will deliver exquisite image quality, advanced intellectual tools (Al), and efficient workflow for a wide range of applications.


Intelligent Solutions (AI)

  • VAid (VINNO Artificial lntelligent Detection)

VAid is an Al-powered, innovative tool for detecting breast lesions based on the Bl_RADS category. Only one touch with 'VAid', it can automatically define the lesion boundaries and show the complete analysis results of the lesions, also the results can be inserted in the report page

  • VAim Follicle

An advanced tool for follicle calculation, which can automatically identify follicles on a given 2D image, draw its boundary with different colors and measures its volume for a rapid assessment, dedicated for women's reproductive healthcare.

  • VAim Hip

Automatically mark the a and 3 angles and provide Graf international classification, which is an effective solution for observing the development of neonatal hip joints

  • VAim OB

Artificial Intelligent technologies for fetal biometric measurement and growth analysis, users can activate the measurement items (BPD, OFD, HC, AC, FL, HL)and get the results with one simple touch, which is dedicated to simplifying the obstetric ultrasound examinations and improve measurement accuracy.

  • VAim Ant. Pelvic and VAim Levator Ani

An artificial intelligent technology for pelvic measurement, VAim Levator Ani and Ant. Pelvic, providing pelvic measurement results with one touch, enables users to assess the pelvic structure for postpartum women in an easy and accurate way.

Excellent Image Quality

Excellent Penetration

Featuring high-performance hardware architecture, G65 delivers extraordinary image quality with great clarity, superior consistency and excellent penetration


Superior Resolution

up to 25MHz high resolution system capability, adding more than 30% of wide band frequencies to improve resolution and sensitivity for better diagnosis


Sophisticated Blood Flow Sensitivity

The increased color Doppler processing helps to provide more diagnostic confidence with improved blood flow detection and enhanced color performance


Vluminous Flow

An innovative color flow technology which enhances blood flow visualization and provide an impression of 3D-like flow display

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Smart & Omnipotent

vinno q _edited.png

A Premium Handheld Ultrasound System

Compact size with high-throughput hardware facilitates the obtaining of high-fidelity data; a substantial image processing algorithm processes the data collected in real-time without loss, thus delivering high-quality imaging that satisfies user needs in clinical diagnostics.


Light &


High Cost


Whole Body





Various clinical departments

Shortcut buttons make it easy to use. Its innovative design is revolutionizing traditional devices. Compact, portable, and competitively priced device suitable for use by various clinical departments.

●  Ward round prognosis monitoring

●  Outpatient diagnostic reasoning

●  Applications in the operating room; 

waterproof design for easy sterilization

●  A professional instrument for the

orthopedics, rheumatology, and urology




Fully portable for emergencies

The VINNO Q series can be used offsite during emergencies, providing patients with proper treatment as soon as possible. Its high-level hardware produces clearer images of tissue structures for medical workers to better diagnose and take reasonable measurements. This can buy time for both patients and physicians.



Multi-scene applications

A portable, easy-to-use, and real-time imaging device for diagnosis and treatment is needed in the sporting arena, camps, rescue sites, and other complex environments. The VINNO Q series, which comes in compact form with high-level waterproof and dustproof ability, are suitable for complex outdoor scenarios.

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Affordable Luxury

VINNO E35 is an affordable luxury ultrasound system for general purposes with a delicate design. Its versatility meets the demands of any clinical setting.

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Delicate Design



Make your working environment more comfortable with a streamlined shape and compact structure.


Image Gallery


pregnancy yolk sac formation B-mode

hepatic vein-CFM mode

follicle of ovary


fetal heart B-mode

blood flow around thyroid nodule-CFM mode

fetal mouth

carotid plaque-RF zoom mode

pericardial effusion-B mode

nodule of breast


aortic regurgitation flow-CFM mode

fetal face-4D mode

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Superior Quality, Exceptional Value

Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System

In an increasingly complex healthcare environment with evolving clinal needs, you need an ultrasound solution that can go wherever you need to be. Meet your new partner: the VINNO 5. At just 3.5 kg, this super lightweight, ultra-portable system travels everywhere you do, providing simplified workflows and clinical solutions in any and every setting.

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Independent Research, Core Values

VINNO’s commitment to research and development, which builds on our solid foundation in ultrasound technology, allows us to optimize, innovate, and continue to deliver superior products. Our revolutionary RF platform, the first of its kind offers unique processing technology high-quality ultrasound images, and unmatched performance.

  • Exclusive RF platform produces clearer images and more data.

  • Comprehensive processing tools support a wider range of
    clinical applications.

  • Advanced image processing technology improves image quality.

  • Special 4D rendering technology produces high-quality fetal images.

  • Easy-to-use, interactive interface provides simple operation.

  • Option for continued upgrades protects user's investment.

5 BG 3.jpg

Unique RF Platform

  • Because of hardware limitations, traditional front-end RF platforms are unable to transmit certain usage information. VINNO’s unique platform is the first in the world to remove these limitations. Its powerful RF data collection capabilities and fast processing power ensure detailed images and accurate measurements. operation experience

  • The RF platform reads a wider range of signals, resulting in clearer, higher-resolution images. This endows the system with unique capabilities, including fullscreen mode and high-resolution images free of distortion, which aids in the diagnosis of small lesions.

RF Data Platform







Remote Diagnostics

  • VINNO remote diagnostics solutions provide lossless data transmission, and back-office ultrasound workstation seamless operation experience

  • Use wired and wireless transmission to send the image via   Bluetooth, mail, etc. to the specified contact.

Xcen Probe Technology

  • The Xcen high-frequency wideband probe transmits at up 14 MHz and provides clearer images of subtle variations in tissue, which allows lesions to be diagnosed earlier.

Full Screen











A highly sensitive touch screen and simple 4D interface deliver a
smoother workflow and reduce the burden of operation on clinicians.

  • A full range of obstetric and gynecological functions, including
    comprehensive 3D/4D clinical applications, MCUT, and AutoNT. operation experience

  • Special rendering techniques provide enhanced details in shadows

  • A smart 3D/4D touchscreen allows users to rotate and zoom in on images at any angle. Combined with magic cut technology, these features provide simple, intuitive operation.

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Simplify Your Work With A Touch

x1E Features 1.jpg

19-inch high resolution LED display and 180-degree rotational arm ensures you view comfortably

x1E Features 2.jpg

8 inch touch panel release you from repetitive button operation

x1E Features 3.jpg

compact transducer connector for easy acces


Versatile Application Tools 

Auto IMT

Automatically measure Intima-Media Thickness in the interest area and provides the measurement result in an easy, fast, and accurate approach

Auto Trace

Auto spectrum envelope trace, whatever live or frozen status and display the measurement items automatically

2D Auto Follicle

With just one click, the system will detect the ovaries in the image and calculate the key measurement items of the ovaries automatically.

Pview (Real Time)

With just one click, the system will detect the ovaries in the image and calculate the key measurement items of the ovaries automatically.

auto IMT.jpg
auto trace.jpg
auto follicle.jpg
p view.jpg
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4D 2.jpg
4D 1.jpg

4D Imaging

VINNO X1E offers high-quality 3D/4D images with MCut function, Different views of fetal structures from different slices can enhance your diagnostic confidence.

x1e accent 1.jpg


Practitioners can learn basic scanning knowledge, standard planes, and anatomical information through VINNO’s Tutorial.

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