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Upgrading To Digital Radiography? Here Are 5 Common Challenges Radiologists Need To Prepare For

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

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When you compare digital radiography vs. conventional radiography, you’re bound to choose the latter for its performance. After all, who can deny that it’s more efficient and economical in the long run with its quick image processing capabilities. When you decide to upgrade your equipment to digital, take note, however, that you’ll face some hiccups along the way. Change requires some effort and radiologists will have to go through some minor challenges with digital radiography systems especially if they’ve been using traditional ones for a long time. Ahead, we give you a list of scenarios you’d have to prepare for when you upgrade.

1. Working with a limited budget

What are the disadvantages to digital radiography? Perhaps, one of the most popular concerns clinic owners have when deciding to upgrade is the fact that digital radiography equipment can be quite costly.

But of course, this initial investment would enable you to save in the long run. Unlike traditional film radiography systems, digital modalities will save you money as they no longer require films, solutions, and larger storage spaces for all these extra tools. Not to mention, because they’re more time-saving, digital radiography systems will allow you to examine more patients in a day, which in turn, gives you more budget to improve your services.

The numerous digital radiography advantages far overweigh its cons and is great if you plan to increase your customer base. We recommend saving up first for a high-quality DR system instead of getting the cheapest option in the market. And instead of upgrading all your x-ray equipment in your clinic at once, do so one at a time on your own pace

2. Keeping up with digital demands

Speaking of costs, your budget should also cover the all-new set-up required for it to function seamlessly. With data becoming digital, you’d need better computer specifications and connectivity that can keep up with your equipment. These don’t appear as important, but being complacent with your old computer equipment and network can lead to more challenges with your digital radiography transition later on.

If you deal with a large number of patients, you wouldn’t want to experience a shortage in computer storage. You’ll need computer space to backup the images you processed. And in the case that your DR system operates and transfers images via WiFi, you’d also need to invest in a better network infrastructure.

3. Lack of buying knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes one can make when upgrading to DR systems is getting one that isn’t the right fit for their clinic. This might happen when one isn’t as familiar with digital radiography vs. conventional radiography.

Because new systems can seem overwhelming, those shifting to DR might think getting the most expensive, top-of-the-line equipment is enough. However, some units can come with complicated functions, which can pose as a big challenge with digital radiography transition. Not to mention, what is best now might easily be topped by another model not too long after, considering that digital radiography innovations now come at a fast pace.

Find the best digital radiography system for your healthcare facility in the Philippines with Care 4 Life.
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It’s important that, before settling with a system, you need to consider its many applications. Depending on your clinic services, space, as well as your patient volume, another good quality yet less expensive equipment might be better.

Learn more about digital x-ray machine features available in the Philippines today. More importantly, find a trusted provider that will take the time to analyze the situation of your healthcare establishment and offer flexible solutions depending on your specific needs.

4. Learning curve

A study on common technical errors in DR processing published on Applied Radiology emphasized the importance of proper training in producing good quality images. Operators must know how to select the proper examination, how to correctly handle the detector, and detect errors when using the new digital systems in place.

However, those who have been processing with conventional systems for years might find trouble in learning how to efficiently use digital radiography systems. For one, these upgraded equipment can come with more features and functions and, while convenient, can be intimidating to those new to it. Before a radiologist can get used to new DR systems, they’d need additional training. Take the time to figure out the advantages of digital radiography as well as the limitations of your system.

Again, to avoid facing this challenge with digital radiography when you transition later on, look for a provider willing to help you out in navigating the system you’re installing. Sourcing an equipment from a company ready to support you before, during, and after the installation of your upgraded radiography units would be a valuable help in your operations.

5. Adjusting to a new workflow

The quick imaging capabilities of digital radiography systems make diagnosis and treatment more hassle-free for radiologists, doctors, and patients alike. Using them will take less waiting times and increase your patient output. But, remember, this change doesn't happen in a snap. When starting out, expect that your image processing might take longer -- at least while you get used to using DRs.

Find the best digital radiography system for your healthcare facility in the Philippines with Care 4 Life.
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For this, you might need to adapt your clinic workflow. Adjust the appointments and number of patients you can accept in a day by estimating how long your image processing will take. Accommodating more than you can handle might cause inconveniences along the way so manage your patients’ expectations as well.

Prepare for the transition challenges with digital radiography

Avoid facing these issues when you choose to upgrade with Care 4 Life. Aside from providing the best imaging systems for facilities in the Philippines, our highly-trained team of engineers are always here to help you out in managing and maintaining your new imaging units. Let us help you transition to digital seamlessly by sending us a message here.

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