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Buying Guide: What To Consider For Your X-ray Mobile Clinic Design

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

There are different kinds of mobile clinics you can set up in the Philippines, depending on your institution’s goals or your expertise. You can run an x-ray mobile clinic or one that would focus on ultrasound imaging services. You can also opt to focus on more specialized services with a mobile laboratory dental, lithotripsy, or even a surgery clinic.

Why set up an x-ray mobile clinic?

If you want to gain more patients and help more people, opting for a mobile clinic with x-ray and laboratory services would be best.

A lot of diagnosing requires patients to have an x-ray captured. But unlike other diagnostic and primary health care services, the environment where you can provide this isn’t as flexible. You’re required to have a specially constructed room to prevent radiation leak. It’s necessary that your x-ray mobile clinic follows proper shielding protocol to secure the licensing of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Would you be limited to offering just an x-ray service to your patients? Not at all! When you design your mobile clinic floor plan to revolve around your x-ray equipment, you can still set up other services for your patients. You can opt to simply put up a tent outside your mobile clinic van where you can do your sample extracting and consultations.

Mobile clinic checklist

1. Large equipment

  • X-ray units

If you’re setting up an x-ray mobile clinic, weigh your options and see if manual or digital processing is better based on your budget. Digital imaging can be more cost-efficient for those with a large number of clients.. Because the processing would be quicker, you don’t only save time, but you also get to save money by not having to spend on numerous films, imaging solutions, and water supply.

  • Air Conditioning

Whether you choose a split-type or a window-type unit largely depends on your vehicle and the volume of patients. To save space and energy, you can always set up your waiting area outside while you entertain just two or three patients inside.

2. Energy and water sources

  • Generator

Not having a generator would make the load of your vehicle lighter and it would also definitely cost you less money and space. But if you don’t want the hassle of having to look for a power source on site, it’s worth investing in one so your mobile clinic is ready for worse case scenarios.

Before getting one, you need to compute your electrical load required by your equipment. If you want your mobile clinic’s x-ray supported by a generator, you’d need at least 10,000 VA to power your imaging unit.

  • Water tank

You’d need to estimate how many liters of water you’d need for a whole day. Again, you can collect water from your site, but if you’re setting a mobile clinic in the Philippines, it’s best to have a back-up plan. A built-in water tank is important, especially if you'll be needing an additional water supply to manually process your radiographic images.

3. Mobile clinic design

  • Vehicle type

Are you getting a truck or a bus? The benefit of using a truck instead of a bus is that it would give you the freedom to customize and resize the body to fit all your mobile clinic equipment. A bus, on the other hand, has a fixed body, so you’ll have to work around with what you have.

If your budget is limited, getting a second-hand vehicle can also be good enough. Just make sure the vehicle suspension is upgraded so that it’s able to carry the heavy load.

  • Mobile clinic construction

Next, after you get your vehicle, carefully draw your mobile clinic floor plan. Envision where your equipment, waiting areas, exits, and so on would be placed. Plan your partitioning walls, as well as the flooring you want inside your mobile clinic.

Your mobile clinic should be fabricated carefully with quality materials so that it’s stable rain or shine. If you’re going for an x-ray mobile clinic, again, make sure that your x-ray room is properly shielded.

  • Internal fixtures

Now that you know where you’d place your equipment, make sure they’re properly positioned for stability. If you’re placing a lavatory, you have to ensure that your drainage is properly working.

As for your electrical equipment, it’s imperative that they’re safely installed. Your mobile clinic should be sufficiently lit and the wiring for your equipment should correspond to the currents flowing through them. Finally, or your x-ray units, you have to get a customized tube stand that’s perfect for your mobile setting.

  • External accessories

Firstly, your vehicle should be complete with headlights, identification lights, and others that would make it more visible while you’re on the road.

To make your journey to far flung areas, smoother, you can also consider equipping your vehicle windbreakers for aerodynamics. Behind them, you can hide bulky equipment like your air conditioning units, ladder, and others so your mobile clinic is more fuel-efficient.

4. Safety tools

As standard protocol, you also need basic protection for your mobile clinic. To keep everyone and everything safe inside, equip the following:

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Vehicle stabilizers

  • Anti-theft window grilles and door locks

  • Warning lights and signs for x-ray room

  • Entry stairs with handrails

  • Lead sheet for radiation shielding

5. Paint and stickers

Finally, to complete your mobile clinic design, envision how it would appear outside. Come up with sticker designs that include your logo, contact info, and others to spread the word about your clinic while you’re on the road. Mobile clinic manufacturers in the Philippines usually also offer this service, so make sure to ask when you buy a mobile clinic van.

Set up your mobile clinic

More questions on how to start your own mobile clinic? Or do you need help coming up with a mobile clinic design that’s best for your operations? Care4Life is here to help! Send us a message and we can help you construct your FDA-licensed clinic on wheels with our free mobile clinic floor plans.

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