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Extra Smart, Extra Refined

EDAN X Series

•   Expandable Monitoring Parameters

•   Stunning Ultra-slim Design

•   Covers All Patient Types from Neonatal

      to Adult Monitoring

•   Fulfills primary clinical requirements in

     various scenarios including ER, Wards,

     Rehab, Cardiac Unit, and In-Hospital



EDAN iM Series

•   Wide range of optional parameters from IBP

     to cardiac output

•   Can be used for most clinical demands

•   Uses proprietary technologies and

     algorithms for accuracy

•   Leading Gas Monitoring - Edan G2 CO2,                         Respironics CO2, Masimo AG, and Drager AG

•   Power Saving Design

•   Touch Operation

•   Bedrail Hook


EDAN F9 Series 

•   Fetal Telemetry System - Wireless Monitoring Solution

•   Advanced communication integrates fetal and                           maternal parameters to support monitoring in all phases

•   Highly Sensitive 12-crystal waterproof FHR Probe

•   Tiltable Touch Screen Monitor

•   DECG and IUP capable for high risk pregnancies